Water Chiller

  • Industrial Water Cooled Chiller 1HP-30HP

    Industrial Water Cooled Chiller 1HP-30HP

    Industrial water chillers use compressors to cool water at room temperature to a certain temperature to enhance cooling of molds or machines. There are mainly three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system. XIEYI air-cooled scroll refrigerator absorbs advanced and modern technology at home and abroad, with excellent quality and beautiful appearance. It has good performance, low noise, adjusts according to load, and automatically runs alternately to extend the life of the unit. The operation is simple, the time is adjustable, the failure rate is low, and the safety is high. It has a huge and wide range of applications, such as plastic machinery, electroplating, plasma spraying, plants, hotels, chemicals, hospitals and other industrial fields.