WVCP4200 Water Vapor Cryopump Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

Short Description:

Fast Defrost
Cold trap cooled to -135℃
Decrease Pump down Times by 25% to 50%
Lower power consumption
Minimal environmental impact, free of CFC and HCFCs

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

Ultra low energy consumption
Low operating and maintenance costs
Cold trap cooled to -135℃
Improve yield 50% to 100%
Maximum load 550-6000w
Shorten the vacuum time by 25%-50%
Theory of pumping speed of 47040-882000 liters per second
Refrigeration capacity more than other models machine with same displacement compressor
Cold trap can reach the ideal extraction speed within 3 minutes
High reliability, stability, significantly improving the quality of coating deposition
WVCP series water vapor cryopump
Bigger pumping speed & bigger refrigerating capacity
Original patent of oil block-proofing design, the thorough settlement of cryogenic oil plugging problem
Loading pipe joint use unique locking design to eliminate leakage
Environmental protection, with no flammable gas
Compatible with imported equipment

Technical Parameter

Model WVCP4200-S-H WVCP4200-D-H
Maximum cooling capacity(W) 4200 4200
The theory maximum pumping speed of tubular cold trap(L/S) 367500 367500
The theory maximum speed of plate cold trap(L/S) 529200 529200
Final vacuum(mbar) 2*10-8 2*10-8
Defrost time of maximum cold trap area(min) <3 <3
Adjustable range of defrost temperature(℃) -20~30 -20~30
Pressure control mode Digital sensor+Mechanical switch Digital sensor+Mechanical switch
Quick restore balance pressure function(QRBP) Yes Yes
Oil blocking proof function(OBP) Yes Yes
4G Remote control Yes Yes
Cold media properties Pro-enviroment Pro-enviroment
Maximum surface area of tubular cold trap(㎡) 2.5 2.5
Maximum surface area of plate cold trap(㎡) 3.6 3.6
Specification of single cold trap(㎡) φ16mm*50m /
Specification of double cold trap(㎡) / 2*φ16mm*25m
Gas interface 12.7 copper welded junction(Standard) 12.7 copper welded junction(Standard)
ParkerCPI/VCR(Optional) ParkerCPI/VCR(Optional)
Cooling water flow(L/Min at 24℃) 28 28
Cooling water alarm temperature(℃) 38 38
Cooling tower Yes Yes
Cooling water connector(L/S) G3/4 G3/4
Maximum load power(kW) 16.5 16.5
Compressor nominal power(HP) 10 10
Power supply(50HZ) 380-400V AC 3P(H) 380-400V AC 3P(H)
200-230V AC 3P(L) 200-230V AC 3P(L)
Dimension(MM) 935(L)*873(D)*1809(H) 935(L)*873(D)*1809(H)
Weight(KG) 555 555


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