Cooling Circulation System

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Air Cooled/Sealed System Directional Circulation

Integrated water tanks reduce troublesome equipment replacement for new installations, expansions or replacements.

Compact and small space type.

Pipes can be removed with a single tap, eliminating the hassle of tightening and removing pipes with traditional straps.

The direction of the circulating nozzle can be freely changed.

It can also be widely used for cooling of heat-generating components such as industrial machinery and analytical measuring equipment. It has a wide range of safety features and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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1. Provide cooling circulating water for research instruments and production instruments for temperature control of heat sources and heat load parts.

2. The refrigerant adopts HFC.

3. With self-diagnosis function, freezer protection timing, freezer high pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety functions.

4. For water-based solvents, organic solvents can provide cooling cycles for two rotary evaporators and two water flow aspirators.

5. Low temperature cooling and temperature control can be performed on the power supply and

light source part of the electron microscope.

XC-100H performance and parameters

Cooling capacity (w) 850 (-11℃) Temperature setting range (℃) -15℃~+15℃(adjustable)

1300 (0℃)

Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
1800 (+10℃) Use ambient temperature 5~35℃
temperature control method Panel switch activation safety protection Overcurrent protection switch; compressor high pressure protection; compressor protection timer; water pump self-protection function

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