WVCP3000 Water Vapor Cryopump Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

Short Description:

Fast Defrost
Cold trap cooled to -135℃
Decrease Pump down Times by 25% to 50%
Lower power consumption
Minimal environmental impact, free of CFC and HCFCs

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Product Description

Guangzhou Xieyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd., which is established in 2011, is the unique high-tech enterprise in South China that engages in the research development, production, technical consultation and service for ultra-low temperature water vapor capture pumps and other ultra-low temperature equipment.

XIEYI WVCP Cryochillers are closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems that provide 550 watts ~ 6,000 watts of cooling. These cryochillers can be used to capture water vapor and other condensable substances by freezing them onto a cold surface such as a Meissner coil (cryocoil). WVCP cryochillers are also used to cool objects such as electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor wafer processing.

Technical Parameter

Model WVCP3000-S-H WVCP3000-D-H
Maximum cooling capacity(W) 3000 3000
The theory maximum pumping speed of tubular cold trap(L/S) 249900 249900
The theory maximum speed of plate cold trap(L/S) 352800 352800
Final vacuum(mbar) 2*10-8 2*10-8
Defrost time of maximum cold trap area(min) <3 <3
Adjustable range of defrost temperature(℃) -20~30 -20~30
Pressure control mode Digital sensor+Mechanical switch Digital sensor+Mechanical switch
Quick restore balance pressure function(QRBP) Yes Yes
Oil blocking proof function(OBP) Yes Yes
4G Remote control Yes Yes
Cold media properties Pro-enviroment Pro-enviroment
Maximum surface area of tubular cold trap(㎡) 1.7 1.7
Maximum surface area of plate cold trap(㎡) 2.4 2.4
Specification of single cold trap(㎡) φ16mm*34m /
Specification of double cold trap(㎡) / 2*φ16mm*17m
Gas interface 12.7 copper welded junction(Standard) 12.7 copper welded junction(Standard)
ParkerCPI/VCR(Optional) ParkerCPI/VCR(Optional)
Cooling water flow(L/Min at 24℃) 28 28
Cooling water alarm temperature(℃) 38 38
Cooling tower Yes Yes
Cooling water connector(L/S) G3/4 G3/4
Maximum load power(kW) 16.5 16.5
Compressor nominal power(HP) 10 10
Power supply(50HZ) 380-400V AC 3P(H) 380-400V AC 3P(H)
200-230V AC 3P(L) 200-230V AC 3P(L)
Dimension(MM) 935(L)*873(D)*1809(H) 935(L)*873(D)*1809(H)
Weight(KG) 480 480


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